Pushcart Prize 2015

A few days ago, an editor called to say that the folks behind the 2015 Pushcart Prize had given my essay “Notes from a Nonnative Daughter” special mention. Not only was this exciting news, but in these times of texting and carefully arranged phone dates and stuffed-to-the-gills lives, an unexpected phone call from a friend, when… Continue reading Pushcart Prize 2015

A Literary Internet Chain Letter (a.k.a. Writing Process Blog Tour)

I recently found a stack of postcards that complete strangers had sent me as part of a grade school postcard chain, showing pictures of where they lived. It’s hard not to feel wistful about getting meaningful mail from strangers, about getting meaningful mail at all, so I was delighted when Anya Groner invited me to… Continue reading A Literary Internet Chain Letter (a.k.a. Writing Process Blog Tour)

Where You Come From Is Gone

So says the great Flannery O’Connor. Unless you come from a town with a stubborn streak. Back in my hometown for St. Peter’s Fiesta, a mix of religion, fried dough, drunken violence, and traditional maritime oar sports, I discovered that some strange and wonderful things from my childhood still go on. My cousin asked me to… Continue reading Where You Come From Is Gone

Tell Me You’re All Right

Looking for some summer reading? The Summer/Fall 2014 Issue of Free State Review is available for pre-order now, and will fit neatly into your beach bag. My story “Tell Me You’re All Right” follows a teenage girl desperate to do something (anything!) bad while babysitting, and the rest of the work is sure to be good… Continue reading Tell Me You’re All Right